ROCK HWID Spoofer Manual

PC Preparation for software

1) Delete any antivirus on your Pc, Deactivation is not enough

2) Download Defender Control 1.9 then run it and Disable your Windows Defender: Click here

3) Disable Fast Boot. Click here


4) Disable secure boot in BIOS

Since every BIOS is different, I will leave here a few LINKS with their respective manufacturer’s label for the most common on the market. Pick one according to your computer or search on youtube.

5) Disable all firewalls network options. Click here

6) Disable App & Browser Control. Click here


7) Disable Exploit Protection. Click here

8.) Delete FaceIT, ESEA, Vanguard or any other Driver level anti-cheat you might have on your PC.

9) Disconnect any External Disks and Bluetooth Devices they could be Flagged.

10) Download PC Health Check run the program and create a system image.

– Spoofing will deactivate windows license


Unban Process:

1) Run Spoofer.exe as administrator

2) Run the serial checker and note your serial numbers down. (Option 2 )


3) Then run spoofer again and Spoof the system now (Option 1)


4) Now a window will appear and ask you to uninstall windows license key. Select NO.

Warning: If you select YES it will uninstall your windows license. AND if you want to activate your windows license again, you have to do factory reset or reinstall your windows.

5) You should get a windows script host windows error indicating the uninstallation of your windows license.

NOTE: Spoofing will take few minutes. Wait until spoofing is completed. Don’t close the program.

6) Run the serial checker again and compare your serial numbers.

7) If you get a notification saying something along the lines of your Microsoft account needs repair, ignore it.

– Every Time your PC restarts you must Redo this process again


1) Blue Screen
– An Anti-Cheat Service was online and driver failed to load because it was blocked.

2) Driver couldn’t load
– Re-Install Spoofer and restart PC

3) Error Status:0xc0000225
– You are on a Legacy Boot Media Change to UEFI in BIOS

4) Internet Connection issues
– Loader was closed too early and adapters couldn’t re-enable go to settings then Network & Internet Connection Press Troubleshoot