ROCK Spoofer Status: Working

Supported Games Status:

✅ All Easy Anti-Cheat Games✅ Dead by DayLight✅ Overwatch
✅ All BattlEye Games✅ EFT✅ Squad
✅ COD – WZ & MW & CW✅ GTA 5✅ Fall Guys
✅ Apex✅ PUBG✅ Rouge Company
✅ Arma 3✅ Rainbow Six Siege✅ Ark Survival
✅ Black Squad✅ Rust✅ H1Z1
✅ DayZ✅ Fortnite✅ Friday The 13th

Requirements of ROCK HWID Spoofer

  • WINDOWS 10: (1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1) – Note: Does not Support Windows 11
  • All CPU brands supported (Intel and AMD)
  • Antivirus tools turned off
  • Secure boot off
  • We will provide you a manual where everything is explained clearly. If you still have any issues, contact us.

Warning: Our Spoofer does not work for Valorant

COD: Our Spoofer only working for COD Warzone HWID bans. Currently not working for shadowbans (must wait 7 days for shadowban to lift on a new account).