COD - Warzone & Modern Warfare HWID Spoofer

Are you looking for the best HWID Spoofer Warzone? We have specifically designed this spoofer by our developer for you who are looking for a Warzone spoofer. YES, You have come to the right place!

Currently, there are many spoofers available on the market. But 95% of spoofers are not supporting COD Warzone & Modern Warfare and Valorant games.So basically the main purpose of this spoofer is for the COD Warzone And Valorant game.  

HWID Spoofer Warzone

HWID Spoofer is a Warzone Hack that gives you the ability to change your HWID. This is useful for when your Warzone account is banned and you wish to continue playing the game. But most of the games companies banned user’s HWID. Like Modem, Graphic card, Motherboard, Monitor and IP. They don’t allow this user to create a new account or play again on this PC. For this case most gamers have to stop playing or have to buy a brand new PC to play this game again. 98% gamers are stop playing as they don’t have money to a new PC to play again. And there are some gamers are loving so much to play this game and they aren’t thinking about the money, they just buy a brand new pc to play again.

But from now we are here to help you. Don’t need to buy a new pc or change any Hardware to play again. We have developed a HWID spoofer that changes your Hardware ID or HWID and makes your old PC to a new one. So you don’t have to waste lots of money to get a new or changing any hardwares. But be careful, currently on this online market many spoofers are available which are not working for COD Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty or COD has 2 types of ban:

  1. Shadowban
  2. Permanently ban


Shadowban is a temporary ban. If you are detected as a spammer or cheater, COD ban your account and also temporarily ban your HWID. If you use a new account and try to play again, you will be banned instantly. You can play again using our spoofer. Our spoofer helps you to skip/bypass this temporarily.

– The spoofer will NOT REMOVE running shadowban APPLIED TO YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT! If you were only shadowbanned, you can still use other different accounts and play again.

Permanently ban:

You will get a permanent ban after 2/3 shadowban. But sometimes you can receive a permanent ban instantly. 

If you were “Permanently Banned” you will receive a Global shadowban and not being able to use the matchmaking services to all your next accounts regardless of level.

You can use this spoofer after a Permanently Ban is received allowing you to skip the waiting period and/or to protect the original hardware components (example: In case you receive a permanent ban, and you are spoofed, your original components won’t be touched.)


Supported Games:

COD Warzone And Modern Warfare


Day Key

$6.90 / Day

Week Key

$24.90 / Weekly

Month Key

$64.90 / Monthly
Related Questions

What is Shadowban in COD warzone and How to Remove the Shadowban?

Shadowban is a term used in the Cod community to describe when one player abandons or removes a game from the leaderboards entirely. This wouldn’t be the first time you’ve seen such cheats, but in this case, the cheat is designed to circumvent the detection methods used by official servers to keep cheaters and hackers out. To put it simply, shadowbanning is a tactic used by experienced players to get around restrictions and/or deletions from their accounts/card accounts.

When a player is mistakenly tagged as cheating, they are not banned. Instead, they are labeled as a cheater and cannot play matches in Playlists with other players who are not suspected of cheating.

The anti-cheating system in Cod War Zone is designed to combat cheating and fake accounts. When a player is incorrectly tagged as cheating, they are not banned. Instead, they are labeled as a cheater and cannot play matches in PvP or Ranked Matches with other players who are not suspected of cheating. Truth is, we don’t know how hard it is to be caught cheating in PvP or Ranked matches, so frequenting the chat during matches where suspected cheating occurs helps them minimize the possibility of players getting banned for botting.

Shadowbans could be difficult to deal with as it not only depends on changing serials from your computer, there are also traces left behind by the game, those will persist each time you play the game and create back again after playing. But basically, you can try like this:

– Format Windows (erase all data)
– Use a dedicated IP
– Run an HWID Spoofer.
– Create a new account on OR Get a cheap game account here: Game Account
– Download and then COD MW
– Restart your PC
– After you restarted your PC
– Use the HWID spoofer
– Now run Blizzard/Battlenet App as admin and launch the game